What matters to Rasekh

Rasekh resources platform aims to share the depth and breadth of the local knowledge, innovation, and research with learners of all ages and educators in Qatar and beyond.

Our aim for the first five years is to have more than 300 educators, 50 local Affiliate organizations, and 5 strategic partners to help bring the local knowledge, compelling stories, and inquiry-based resources to all learners and educators inside and outside Qatar. We are committed to enriching school programs, curricula, and exhibitions.

Leading the way for


Pre-University Education (PUE) defines Glocalization in k-12 education as linking the global context with the local knowledge, innovation, Arabic language, values, heritage, and culture. This entails the ‘learning’ of global themes using examples, experiences, meaningful action, and reflection from a local and national scale.

Who we are

Rasekh is an initiative by Qatar Foundation under PUE which aims at promoting and supporting QF and other schools in Qatar to offer a glocalized program. Teams of educators from QF schools have already started working with local entities to begin the creation of Rasekh Resources.

These educational resources from local entities will make it possible for teachers to meaningfully connect lesson plans to the local context.

Mission and Vision

Rasekh’s mission is to provide high quality education with a local vision by linking the global context with the local knowledge, innovation, language, culture, heritage, and values.

We aim to achieve this mission by enabling schools to integrate their curriculum with the national values, heritage and identity of Qatar, access local knowledge and innovation, identify global sustainability challenges that are relevant to the local community and advancing the Arabic language.

Our Goals

  • To nurture global citizens who remain proudly rooted in their own national identity.
  • To equip children and youth with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to contribute to Qatar’s society.
  • To improve student learning through thinking globally and acting locally.
  • To create a legacy of learning experiences of glocalization.
  • To ensure that glocalization is a sustainable model of teaching and learning which will last generations.
  • To develop a professional development community which enriches future teacher capacity.
  • To design and develop pedagogical resources in co-operation with local institutions and industries.