Missing Passengers from a Boat Crash

Missing Passengers from a Boat Crash

  • Precision Health
  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Resource Plan
  • 15 - 16 years
  • Physical

Learning Outcomes
Learners describe, explain and interpret the characteristics, structures, and interactions of a theme, group, project, or organization related to glocalization.
Learners use their awareness of their own strengths and areas of growth in their understanding of glocalization.
Learners discuss, plan and evaluate learner–initiated - action in a sustainable way.
Learners embrace meaningful action through student agency
Learners develop lifelong skills which support their sustainable actions
Learners reflect on the impact of their actions and demonstrate their understanding of the action as related to sustainability.
After working through the activities:
• Students will develop new lab skills by working collaboratively with Qatar Genomes
• Students will develop their cognitive skills by:
- using and applying their knowledge
- observing and collecting data carefully
- analysing and interpreting the results to reach adequate conclusions
• Students will understand the basic concept of the ABO blood group system and to know our blood group and type.
• Students will be able to describe the organisation of DNA into repeating nucleotide base pair sequences

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Qatar Genome

Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) is a population-based research project that aims to study the genetic makeup of the Qatari population with the aim of introducing precision medicine and personalized healthcare. Its large-scale genomic research, based on data collected by Qatar Biobank, has made Qatar one of the few countries in the world conducting research of this nature.

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